USA Swimming is the governing body for the sport of swimming. From grass-roots programs to the Olympic Team, USA Swimming guides, educates, promotes and develops swimmers and swim teams across the country.

Five years ago, USA Swimming’s Executive Director, Chuck Wielgus, and Chief Marketing Officer, Rod Davis,¬†came to me with an idea to promote the sport of swimming in a mainstream way. Chuck and Rod introduced me to people who were so vital to this book coming to fruition: Rick Derby, who spent months interviewing my former teammates and coaches; and Bob Schaller, my co-author who spent 2 1/2 years on this journey to publish this inspiring¬†book.

In continuation of their support of my story and their belief in the power of the sport of swimming, USA Swimming has agreed to run excerpts from my book, one over each of the next four weeks, on their website.

Check it out:

Thanks to all the folks at USA Swimming!