While trying to find a publishing company for What Though the Odds, several publishers asked Why now?

Why now? is a good question and has a great answer: The perspective of time.

Certainly I could have written a version of this book several years ago – and the facts of the accident, my injury and recovery, and return to swimming would have been the same. The facts have not changed over time. 

However, this book is the story of a journey. A journey that began the night of Januray 24, 1992, and in many ways continues to this day. It is a journey of grieving – both for my teammates lost; and for the life I could no longer have, for the swimmer I could no longer be, and for the person who could not go back to “the way things were.” It is a journey of healing – learning to live with this tragedy and to embrace the goodness that came from it. Yes, goodness.

We all experience tragedy in our lives. It is a part of life we can’t control. What we can control however, is how we deal with it. 16 years ago I could not have told you what it was like to live with tragedy in my life. 16 years ago I could not have told you that there are lessons I have learned from the bus accident for which I am thankful. 16 years ago I could not have told you that I am a better person, a more thankful person, a more spiritual person, because of what I have endured.

That is the story. That is the journey. That is the answer to “why now?”