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Check out tomorrow’s USA Today newspaper – July 1st - the Sports section! After reading about the World Records that are falling at the U.S. Olympic Swimming Trials- you can turn to page 3 and read an article about What Though the Odds.

This is an exciting week in the sport of swimming. The U.S. Olympic Trials meet might just well be the fastest meet in the world. Last night Ryan Lochte broke the World Record in the 400IM and didn’t even win the event! Of course Michael Phelps is just amazing. As is Katie Hoff. The 400IM is a tough event -and they make it look easy. World Records are falling!

On the USA Swimming website there is a box where you can vote on how many World Records will fall during Trials. I voted for 4-6. That might happen in the first three days.  GO TEAM USA!!!

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    I have been asked and contacted about putting together a discussion guide for the book – for Book Clubs or other groups. Soon (once I figure out how to do it!) I will carry a link with suggested Book Club questions. I have solicited a few friends who are members of a book club to help with these. If you would like a copy of this discussion guide before it is posted, just send me an e-mail and I will mail it back to you.

    Additionally, if you have any suggested questions or discussion topics, please send them and I will include them in the Guide.

    Thanks for everyone’s support and help! And thanks for visiting!

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    I have received so many wonderful e-mails from friends, family members – even strangers – who have each read the book. Most have included something along the lines of “I stayed up until 2:30am finishing the book.” Or, “I ignored my kids all day so I could finish the book.”

    Most recently a grandmother wrote to tell me she started the book ten minutes before her grandson’s birthday party – and then spent the next two hours waiting for the party to end so she could get back to the book. WOW!

    Okay, well our children and grandchildren need us too – but I appreciate everyone taking the time to read the book AND to reach out to me with an e-mail!

    You can contact me through this website. If you e-mail, I will respond. And I’d love to hear from you!

    Happy Reading – Share the Inspiration!

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    We are in the Outer Banks (North Carolina) with some friends from Annapolis – and my husband arrived this morning with a box of books! FINALLY!!!

    And it was indeed worth the wait. The culmination of years of hard work, many emotions, several tears, lots of laughs and the dedication of many paid off.

    I can not yet find the words to express my thoughts at seeing the actual book. I think I will enjoy this moment, this weekend, and take time to celebrate and relax.

    Thank you to all who have waited, believed, prayed and wished me well!

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    Patience is a virtue…

    Or so they say.  Right now, patience is being put to the test in our household!

    The book was supposed to be shipped from the printers last week, but now I have been assured they will ship THIS week.


    Did I not learn patience 16 years ago? Apparently not.


    Was it worth the wait 16 years ago? Absolutely.


    Is it worth it now? ABSOLUTELY!
    Hang in there everyone –as Paul Revere said about the British (or maybe he didn’t):
    The book is coming!  The book is coming!

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    This morning I received a call from Teri Winslow from The Capital here in Annapolis. We met last week and she has called before. This morning she was calling with “a list of questions” – and she apologized for it!  What??  I APPRECIATE IT!

    The media often gets things wrong, though not intentionally - and often times publishes their own “take” on a story. But not in my experience.

    I have had the fortunate pleasure of meeting and working with persons from the media who have the same philosophy as I do: to tell a truthful and inspiring story. That was how I wrote the book. And that is why I appreciate so much the media’s willingness to do the same. THANK YOU!

    The book has recieved some great press over the past couple of weeks. Some of the articles can be read on the links listed on the right. Last night I was on a sports radio show in South Bend, Indiana. That was great! And can be heard on the SOUTH BEND RADIO link. Scroll down to Weekday Sportsbeat Archives and “Haley Scott (6/4)”

    Enjoy! And thanks for visiting!

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