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We flew into Phoenix this weekend. My oldest son asked for my IPhone as soon as we landed to see what the temperature was: 107 degrees. “Wow Mom, it’s three degrees hotter than when we left!” (He had checked when we got on the plane.) It has never hit 100 in Maryland – at least in his 6-year-old memory. It was an exciting moment in his life…although not as exciting as swimming all day with his Arizona cousins.

We are here for 10 days – with most of it spent in the White Mountains- three hours northeast of Phoenix, and about 25 degrees cooler…Much to my dismay: I LOVE THE HEAT.

On Tuesday, July 29th, I will be filming a spot on SwimmingWorld TV here in Phoenix – which is exciting! I will post the date/time it will be on as soon as I know.

Thanks for reading!

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    I am thrilled to announce my 1st Book Signing scheduled for here in Annapolis! I will be at the Hard Bean Coffee and Booksellers on Sunday, August 10th, from 12:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. in historic downtown Annpolis at City Dock.  Hard Bean Coffee and Booksellers is one of those great independent, hometown bookstores that supports the community and its local authors. I am excited to be a part of this Annapolis establishment.

    Come by, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy some time in downtown Annapolis – City Dock is a great place to spend a summer Sunday afternoon!

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  • HAPPY 4th OF JULY!!!

    Last night while out with some good friends to watch FIREWORKS (love them!) I met a woman named Terry, a former swimmer from the University of Maryland, who had just started reading my book. She said she was honored to meet me. But really, it was my honor to meet her.

    Terry has four children (ages four to ten- I think – who were so well-behaved), and her husband is in the Navy serving our country in Iraq. I got tears in my eyes as I took a picture of Terry and her children, standing in front of an American flag, to e-mail to her husband and their dad. He will be home in October.

    On the Fourth of July we celebrate our country and its history. This morning my son talked about how he saw the ”real” Declaration of Independence in Washington with his Uncle Stephen (of course, he also mentioned he saw it in the movie, National Treasure).

    For me the holiday has meant different things in different years. Certainly back in 1992, the summer I was in San Diego, I celebrated my independence from the hospital. Several years later, I can recall a picture of my family: Jamie, the boys and I, wearing red, white and blue sitting in a hammock at my cousin’s house: in San Diego. I had a lot to celebrate.

    This year I again celebrate with my family, here in Annapolis: boating with friends, watch Olympic Trials, thinking of our families and friends celebrating afar.

    And praying for a family I just met, whose father is afar – and thinking of all our military families who are separated on this patriotic holiday. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

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