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Last night I stayed up too late watching the Olympics…how can I not? And how can it ever be ”too late” to watch such amazing athletic and personal feats? Is anyone getting enough sleep? I love the fact that China is 12 hours from Eastern Time, and that so many events are shown live. I’m not sure I would stay up as late if I could look up who won on the internet. But how could I not watch Michael Phelps attempt to win gold medal #7? And in the 100-meter fly, no less… it was my favorite event to swim.

What a finish! That’s all I can say. Anyone who saw it (is there anyone out there who didn’t see it?) knows that it doesn’t get any closer than that. Nor more exciting. Well, maybe the men’s 4×100 Free relay was more exciting – or at least equally so…

This is such a great time for the sport of swimming. Those of us who swim - or swam – or know a swimmer – know that there are years of hard work, dedication, sacrifice and setbacks that go into these 8 days of competition. I hope that the main-stream interest in the sport lasts long past the Closing Ceremonies. Our athletes deserve to feel our support more than once every four years. 


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    What an adventure today – at my book signing. It took place at a great local bookstore, Hard Bean Coffee and Booksellers, in downtown Annapolis. We – myself and another author, a fiction mystery writer – were set up just outside the store front. Just steps away was City Dock, the water and everything I love about Annapolis.

    The foot traffic in a tourist town in the summer was crazy (but great too)! It was also Plebe Parent weekend at the Naval Academy – and I had the pleasure of meeting one of our new plebes and his mother during my book signing. My husband and I are a sponsor family for the Naval Academy, and each year welcome two new plebes (freshman) into our home. We look forward to it and enjoy the fine young people who grace our – and our childrens’ – lives.

    Today gave me the opportunity to do what I love most about having written this book: meeting one on one and interacting with people who will read (or have read) the book. It is such a personal story, written from the heart with at times very raw emotions, that I enjoy the personal interaction with my readers. Even via e-mail, those who have reached out and written to me, and shared part of their lives with me, find the connection is mutually inspiring.

    As I love to write in each book I sign: Share the Inspiration!

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    Thank you for everyone’s patience in waiting for video! The first of (hopefully) many videos has been posted under the VIDEO link.

    While in Arizona I filmed a spot for Swimming World TV. I will also be taping a reading from the book and a Q&A session in September. Those will be uploaded shortly afterwards.

    Thanks for visiting!

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    I am in San Diego for a few days with my family. We came here every summer as a child – as many families from Arizona do to escape the heat.

    My Uncle has always owned a condo in Del Mar, just north of San Diego – and we were fortunate to stay there for several weeks each summer…going to the beach at Torrey Pines, the races at the Del Mar Racetrack, Sea World, the San Diego Zoo, Balboa Park, etc… There is so much to do here.

    The time I spent here in the hospital was bittersweet. Certainly, the summer of 1992 was painful in many ways. The surgeries were difficult and I was still trying to heal from physical and emotionaly wounds. However, I was in San Diego – my home away from home. I had my Uncle’s condo at which to recover. I could sit and listen to the waves at the beach. I had family members nearby as a support network while I was away from Notre Dame. It was difficult, but it could have been worse.

    San Diego will always hold an emotional place in my heart and in my life. I am thrilled that my husband and children love to come here as much as I do. Even though my home has changed – moved from Arizona to Annapolis – San Diego (Del Mar) remains a constant as my home away from home.

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