This particular week has always been a difficult one for me. At least for the past 17 years it has been a difficult week for me. This Saturday, January 24, is the 17th anniversary of my bus accident.

But there are celebrations this week as well, and I will be blogging often – so check back!

While I have never taken – nor will make – a political statement on this site, this week is historic for our country. I am sure you have heard that said before. On Tuesday, I, as a proud American and former History teacher, will watch Mr. Obama’s inauguration with both my boys. They don’t quite understand the significance. But what I hope to share with them is this:

We live in a great country, a country of opportunity. Any peaceful change of power is historic. We have the right to vote and the right to our opinion. And then we have the duty to support and encourage whomever is elected. That’s the American way.

I wish our new President all the best. GOD BLESS AMERICA!