When I last blogged about the Million Dollar Egg McMuffin, I left out one really cool fact about the morning: Lyn St. James. It was intentional – not to slight her, but to give her full credit in her own blog entry. Whereas I was the alumni speaker at Xavier’s “X” Breakfast, Lyn St. James was the keynote speaker. And I think we made a pretty great duo.

First of all, it was a thrill just to meet her – let alone share the stage with her. She too attended an all-girls high school and learned many of the same principal values that I did at Xavier, including “you can do whatever you set your mind to.” This proved essential to my recovery, and to her career in the predominantly male sport of racecar driving.

I loved her messsage: “I didn’t just want to beat the boys. I just wanted to win.” It wasn’t a battle of the sexes in her mind; it was a battle of the wheels. And she wanted to be the best.

In a way, this conflicts with a message I often share: “It’s not always about winning the race, it’s about the journey.” But actually, I believe this is exactly what Ms. St. James was saying as well. Her journey was to be the best she could be, and that often took her across the finish line first. It also took her to places that no one thought she could go, and to do things that no one thought she could do. And that, certainly, is a journey I know as well.