I am a couple of days late with birthday wishes for my dad, but that is one of the best things about him: he knows how much I love and appreciate him everyday, and not just on his birthday. (Plus, he was on a father-son trip, and I am in a non-internet location, so I am not sure he even noticed…)

I think this is a great lesson for us all to keep in mind: don’t get hung up on the minutia of life. When you see the greater picture of love, health, safety and happiness, the details are what makes us unique, but the fundamentals are what provide us with happy and meaningful lives.

My dad has always been this way: thinking ahead, keeping in mind his goals and the bigger picture, and of course taking care of his family. I would not have healed the way I did – emotionally – had my father not taken care of the medical logistics and details of my day-to-day recovery.

In the book I write about how my dad and I never really talked about the accident; that was my mom’s job. I am often asked, “Do you and your dad talk about it now?” And the answer is the same: No. And that’s the way it should be – because that is who my dad is, and who he is not.

He sees me healthy; he knows I am happy; and for him there is no reason to relive a dark time. Reliving it is now my job. But I like to think of it as sharing – not a dark time – but the hope and blessings that have come from it.