Today is a day of joyous rebirth and renewal. It is a day that offers great hope to the world. Yet I found myself today – as I enjoyed mass with my children and in-laws, and a relaxing afternoon with my sister and her family – thinking about those who might not feel too hopeful right now: the family of a high school classmate who recently lost a daughter and a sister; another friend who recently lost his father; and my own family who recently is one-less-loved-one this Easter. With this reflection, I am taken back to the true meaning of the holiday: hope for eternal life. Amidst the candy (I ate plenty) and the egg hunts (we did plenty) and the food (there was more than plenty), I was reminded of the hope that awaits us as we continue our journey.

My hope for you is a time of renewal, peace and joy; with gratitude for all we have, and hope for those in need. Blessings.