I am sitting in a coffee shop writing a paper that is due this evening. One of my son’s teachers just walked in to buy lunch and I was thrilled to not only see a friendly face but to say thank you for all she does for my child. As I study for a Masters in Teaching, I have had many opportunities to reflect upon the role of a teacher.

We have all had them: the teacher who changed our lives, the teacher who treated us fairly (and probably a teacher who treated us unfairly), and the teacher who made a difference in our career or educational experience. Academically, teachers are all around us and they are a powerful presence and influence. To those teachers who spend their hours, days and lives educating our children, I say, THANK YOU: you are extraordinary!

But what about the ”other” teachers in our lives: the mother who teaches her child through her actions, the coach who models fair play and good sportsmanship, the friend who teaches us generousity and selflessness. We all have and need these teachers in our lives – and we can all be this teacher for someone else.

What will your actions teach someone today?