The College Swim Coaches Association of America hosted their annual convention in Baltimore and invited me to be their keynote speaker to kick off the three day convention. It was an opportunity for me to share the inspiration with those who understand the meaning of what it means to touch a life as a coach.

In all my talks, I discuss the attributes I learned from each of my coaches – all different, each with a vital role in developing who I was as an athlete and who I am as a person. This particular talk was meaningful because one of my coaches was present – and he had the opportunity to hear in the context of my story the role he has played in my journey. I was so glad he was there to hear it (he actually has heard it before – four times, but he’s so humble it will take another four times before believes it). And I started to wonder about my other coaches and how they too might enjoy hearing the important role they played.

Once again, I am reminded that so much in life is about gratitude. Living life with a grateful heart and appreciating all we have, who we have and making sure they know how thankful we are for the gifts they have shared.