Last week was Commissioning Week here in Annapolis; meaning just over 1000 Midshipmen graduated from the Naval Academy and were commissioned as officers (you can’t graduate without being commissioned).

As a sponsor family for the Naval Academy, one of “our” Mids graduated this year. “Mr. Sam” as he is known in our house, has become a part of our family. For the past four years, Mr. Sam has spent weekends with us, shared meals with us, slept a lot, shared his family and friends with us. He has played numerous games with my boys: Wii, lacrosse, basketball, cards, etc…and has patiently been entertained by repeated magic tricks.

Although we are officially his sponsor “parents,” Sam is like a younger brother to Jamie and me. We adore him and I can only hope my boys will grow up to be as polite, honorable and genuine as Mr. Sam. We will miss him and are so proud of him!

The Naval Academy produces some of the finest young graduates in the country – probably in the world. These graduates have chosen to dedicate their lives to serving our country. We are very proud to be associated with such a fine institution. And as I mention elsewhere on the website – it is nice to continue to cheer for the Blue & Gold.