Over the past few weeks, under varying circumstances, I ran into three former teachers of mine from middle school and high school. As a former teacher myself, who recently completed a Masters in Teaching degree, I am keenly aware of the impact a teacher can have on his/her students. These three particular teachers made an impact of the best kind.
My former senior year high school English teacher gave me the confidence to write. I must have told her I was not a very good writer- because I will never forget when she handed me back my first essay (our personal statements as we prepared to fill out college applications) and she said, “I don’t know why you don’t think you can write.” She believed in me and after that, I believed in myself. A statement so simple, and yet so powerful.
That is the legacy anyone can leave, both positive and negative, with just one statement. We teach and learn each day through our (and others’) actions and words. As you move through your day, think about your actions and words, and their legacy. Will it be positive or negative, powerful and simple, and might it change someone’s life?