This weekend I attended my first National Letter Winners Association Conference. It included over 30 Universities’ Letterwinners’ clubs, just like the Notre Dame Monogram Club on who’s board I serve. How fascinating to spend three days with like-minded individuals and former athletes who are seeking to serve their membership, just as we do at Notre Dame. It was an honor to listen to ideas of networking and mentoring and outreach, and the ideals to which we all strive.

It also wasn’t long before my story emerged. I am not sure how it first surfaced, but it then spread quickly amongst the group. To this group in particular, mine is an interesting story. Just as I often speak of the community of goodness that surrounded me during my time of need; these Letter Winner groups can serve as that goodness to others. It is precisely why we attend a conference such as NLWA.

But equally as important were the relationships established and maintained. Many of those in attendance knew each other well and have attended this conference for years. I was a newbie- but I will attend again, for certain. Before the end of the weekend I had new friends on Facebook and hopefully have added to the circle and network of Athletes Helping Athletes.