I love living in Annapolis. I love the life that we have built; I love our friends and our children’s school; I love the laid-back, family friendly life-style; I love our involvement with the Naval Academy; I love being near the Chesapeake Bay and all that has to offer; and I love watching my children grow-up in an environment unlike my childhood. My family is happy; and that really is what drives all we do.

But that does not take anything away from where I grew up and my own experiences as a child. My family and I landed in Phoenix on Friday and it was 118-degrees outside. Yes, summertime in Phoenix – the summers of my youth. For the past two days I have watched my children swim and slide down the slide into the pool I swam in as a child. They have collapsed inside from heat and exhaustion, only to recharge and head back outside. They have played in the front yard with their cousins, unaware of the heat – yet stopping to ask for water. I have watched all of this fun with fond memories of my own childhood and with silent comfort and enjoyment that they love what I loved as a child.

My children’s life is much different than mine as a child, but I am thankful that they get to embrace, experience and enjoy both. Yes, there is no place like home. Lucky for me, I have many places I can call home. And I enjoy them all.