We are in San Diego staying right up the street from my uncle’s condo – the place where my parents stayed (and where I recovered) during the summer of 1992. Again, this is another place I think of as “home.”

I spent my childhood summers here – swimming in the ocean, jumping the waves and spending hours on the beach playing with my cousins. This is much of what I have watched my own children do, as my siblings are here with their children.

It’s strange to be in San Diego and to think about my weeks in the hospital at UCSD. It was such a hard time physically, in addition to the emotional turmoil that followed. I spent the worst days and weeks of my life here. And yet, I love it. I haven’t figured out how that works. Obviously it is beautiful and the weather is fantastic; but how did I get over the hardships I faced? I am not quite sure.

This weekend I am having dinner with Dr. Garfin and his wife. Usually his daughter, who is my age, joins us -but she is out of town and I will miss seeing her. Perhaps I will have more insight into my emotional healing once we connect.