I just finished Three Days of Inspiration! Wow. 2000 walkers, 60 miles, 3 days, $5.3 million raised for breast cancer research. Mothers, Sisters, Friends – new and old – I had them all with me on the Journey.

I decided to do The Walk this year because it is the 20th anniversary of my mom’s breast cancer diagnosis. But that’s history, and I do not tend to dwell on the past. What I have learned to do, however, is use the past to my advantage in looking towards the future. And so this weekend, I walked for the future as well.

In addition to my mom, there were six other women (myself included) who walked with our group. It did not go unnoticed that – according to statistics – one of us would get breast cancer during our lives. This weekend we walked for a Cure for – potentially – ourselves, our sisters, our friends.

Along The Walk there was a shirt (many, actually) that read, “Save 2nd Base.” This cracked me up – and my friends cracked up that I had not heard this term before. But as the mother of boys, I found this to beĀ an entertaining statement. And then I realized that I might be walking for my future daughter-in-law, the mother of my future grandchildren. And I walked a little faster.

Was it easy? Not on Day Two when we hiked up a two-mile incline around Mile 19. Would I do it again? Absolutely. Whenever it got tough, hot, or sore on the feet, we just said to ourselves- and often times to each other, “This is easier than chemo.” But my participation and accompanying fatigue also meant I could walk The Walk. I am so blessed!