Next week, Tuesday, February 1, I am giving a talk at St. Anne’s School of Annapolis called “Journey Through Tragedy.” This is a different title from my usual talk, with a different focus and a different format. The main difference? I will be giving this presentation with my mom.

One of the main themes that is often discussed during my Q&A sessions is the relationship with my mom. For those of you who have read the book, it is a complex relationship that evolves and develops throughout my journey (and continues to), and is one to which all mothers and daughters can relate. So often I hear, “I would love to meet your mom!” Well, if you are local to Annapolis, or Maryland, come meet her!

My mom is an early childhood educator and parenting expert in Arizona. She teaches parenting and runs a workshop on how tragedy affects a family, how to plan for it, how to respond, and most importantly – how to survive as a family when tragedy hits. Because it will hit us all in varying forms.

On Tuesday night, we will combine our stories: as intertwined as they have always been. I will share my journey and she will share her knowledge (first-hand and professional) as it relates to the myriad of tragedies that families face. We’d love to see you there! And I know many of you would love to see my mom!