“Service to others is the price we pay for our room here on Earth.” ~ Mohammad Ali

I recently led a Lenten retreat for women in which we discussed and shared our thoughts on this quote. I decided it would be my theme for Lent this year.

Service to others.

We were on vacation last week and I spent a lot of time thinking about this quote. I was drawn to it and I needed to figure out why. Perhaps because it is how I want to live my life: by serving others. I have found that those whom I admire most are those who choose to live their life this way. My aunt comes to mind.

My Aunt Nancy lost her daughter over 20 years ago. My cousin, Kristen, was beautiful both inside and out: smart, blonde, athletic, and most importantly faith-filled. She braved a battle with cancer that ultimately took her life at age 18. I can not imagine the grief my aunt has lived with – and yet, she took this most horrible of tragedies and has honored her daughter with her service to others.

As an adult, my aunt went back to school and became a registered nurse. She now works for Hospice and each day comforts families who are caring for a loved one as they leave their life on Earth. Each day she faces death; and yet her grief has not hindered her call to serve others. My aunt is the ultimate example of taking a painful experience and making it perhaps a little more bearable by her service to others.

“Service to others is the price we pay for our room here on Earth.” Aunt Nancy has paid for her room tenfold.