It’s Holy Week and I have many reminders on my calendar to do various tasks: buy Easter baskets, prepare eggs for my son’s Easter egg hunt, order the honey-baked ham, clean the guest room, etc…things like that. But there is one task that I will do tomorrow that is the most important: Mail our Lenten Retreat letters.

Six weeks ago I hosted and ran a Lenten Retreat for women in Washington DC. For those of you who follow this blog, you already know that. You also know that the Retreat provided for me my Lenten theme: Mohammad Ali’s quote: “Service to others is the price we pay for our room here on Earth.” I have referenced this quote several times during Lent and it has reminded me of the true meaning of Lent: service to God and preparation for His sacrifice.

At the conclusion of our retreat we each wrote a letter to God with our reflections from the retreat and goals for ourselves during Lent. These are the letters I will mail tomorrow, that the attendees will receive as they move towards the Easter Triduum. My hope is that their reflections will continue through the holy weekend…and beyond.

I remember once having a discussion about Lent and what I was giving up. I forget with whom I was having the discussion, but he/she said, “Lent is not about giving something up, it’s about improving who we are.” Whether or not that is true, it has stuck with me. Just as Mohammad Ali’s quote has stuck with me – and I hope will remain with me long after Lent has ended.