This morning the 4th grade at my sons’ school left on an overnight trip to Ellis Island. Neither of my boys are in 4th grade, but I have a 3rd grader who is already excited to go on this field trip next year (despite the fact that no electronics are allowed on the the bus…Imagine! Six hours with no DS! He said, “I guess I’ll just have to read a book.” Yes, yes you will!)

But while his first thought is what to do on the long bus ride, my first thought is of course the bus ride itself. I’ve come a long way when it comes to buses. For years I didn’t ride them. If you follow this blog, you have probably witnessed my slow progression in allowing my children to ride the bus. And why not? Bus trips with your friends can be so much fun. For me, however, I am at the stage where I am okay with them riding a bus, as long as I am with them. So looking forward, I am aware of what is in store for my son’s 4th grade year.

This morning as I turned down the road to the school, we passed the 4th graders on the bus. It’s a narrow road, so for a second the bus loomed over us – and for that second my heart skipped. Sometimes we face our fears figuratively, and sometimes literally.

A minute later, after I had dropped the boys off but was still stopped in the parking lot, my cell phone chimed, indicating a text message. I picked up my phone and read the following message from a friend who was on the bus with her daughter: “Seat belts on our bus, Miss Haley!!!”

She included a picture of her daughter showing me the seat belts – which was blurry, either from the movement of the bus, or because my eyes were teary from the thoughtful gesture of a friend who sent a gift via text.