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Today is my youngest son’s birthday. If you know him, you know how entertaining he can be…he is very much his father in that regard. However, it is my hope for him, that the lessons I have learned over the past (almost) 20 years will shape his character into an even more wonderful human being. We try. It’s the best we can do: our best, with good intentions, truly believing we are doing what’s right. How can that be wrong?

I hope he’ll learn some of what Mary Korzan Sill’s students have learned (con’t from last week):

I learned that life doesn’t always go the way you want it to.

I learned there is always hope for recovery.

I learned your life could be changed at any time.

I was motivated to push on in hard times.

I was inspired to accomplish my goals.

I was encouraged to conquer every road block in my way.

I learned that God has a plan for everyone.

I learned the impossible isn’t always impossible.

I learned that giving up should never be an option.

I realized that belief is sometimes the only thing you have without belief you will never reach your goals.

I learned you can make stuff happen and that you are not alone.

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    One of the reasons I loved teaching was because I was able to touch lives on a daily basis. Through sharing my story, either via my book or giving a talk, I am still “teaching” but in a different form. And still touching lives, for which I am grateful.

    The very first educator who asked me to speak to her students, Mary Korzan Sill, has become a good friend. She continues to share my story with her students and I continue to be thankful for their insight. Below is the first of three blog posts where I will share their thoughts. During this post-Thanksgiving, Advent time of blessings, I am blessed to have Mary and her students in my life.

    The students at Covenant Christian middle school were asked:

    Tell me three ways in which you benefited from reading What Though the Odds.

    1. Haley Scott DeMaria showed me to never give up and there is always hope.

    2. If I am ever in a situation like Haley I should always keep trying.

    3. Haley fought and struggled to do what she loved the most and that was swimming again. Haley was very patient and very persistent. I greatly admire her. Now I know that it is okay to fight for something I love.

    4. It’s hard to lose a loved one, but God’s plans are better than ours.

    5. This book teaches me that God always has a plan for your life.

    6. Another thing that I learned was that Haley Scott DeMaria didn’t care what the doctors told her that she couldn’t walk again. Instead, she was strong and competitive to prove them wrong. She kept her faith in God. That’s what I need to do. I need to not believe in lies, but have faith in God.

    7. It taught me that through the hardest time there is some good.

    8. It taught me to never give up.

    9. It also taught me that you should always stay close to your friends.

    10. I now know that anything is possible if you believe in God.

    Their Middle School insight is something from which we all can learn!

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