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This past weekend I was in Arizona for a family wedding. The ceremony was beautiful at sunset and the reception was wonderful, but the best part of the weekend was not an officially planned event.

I remember when I got married, it was a big deal of course. But I was so busy with the details and the excitement of the day, that at times I missed spending quality time with my friends and family.

This past weekend, I was the sister of the groom and the mother of two boys who were thrilled to be dressed in their tuxedos with all their cousins. I had the joy of watching the smiles creep onto my sons’ faces as they put on their “fancy clothes;” I had the privilege of watching the flower girl stand right in front of the bride and groom as they became man and wife (in awe of the moment with no thought of blocking all photographs); I enjoyed watching 12 cousins run around with disposable cameras taking pictures of the wedding and each other (can’t wait to see those photos!)

Then I realized, I was watching the wedding through the eyes of children – mine and my family’s. And all a child sees at a wedding is love: love for each other, love of family, love of God and love shared while having fun. Isn’t that what a wedding should be? It’s not the food, the flowers, the open bar, the invitations, the details that consume us for months of planning. A wedding is a celebration of love.

What a gift to me this past weekend to witness this celebration of love, with no thought of attending to the details, but only of witnessing first hand the love of a new life together.

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    Oh gosh! I was just looking through this website, and realized I need to upload about two years worth of pictures! Stay tuned! I have many photographs from various events over the past two years that I need to include. My apologies for this oversight!

    I currently have my camera charging, as we are preparing for an upcoming trip. What is it about pictures that engage us? I try not to be the person who views and enjoys their vacation (or life) through their camera lens; however, we all enjoy reliving a vacation via our pictures when we return. But there needs to be a balance.

    I often show slides of pictures when I speak – not because I looked great when I was¬†in the hospital (far from it, in fact it was one hospital picture that sent my oldest son running from the room feeling sick), but because it transports me back to the age of 18. At high schools and colleges, the students look at me and think I am old (trust me – I know what I thought of a 38-year-old when I was in college!) But I wasn’t old when I began this journey; I was their age. And the pictures allow them to see me that way. It is a very powerful part of my story and my ability to connect with my audience.

    Updating the photographs on this site is about connections also: celebrating the connections I have made over the months and years I have shared this story. I’ll work on it!

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    Okay- so I am a little late this “week” with my weekly posting….but as I mentioned before, resolutions are about striving to be better in an area of our lives. Not to declare failure when we slip. Because we all will slip.

    Last week I had the privilege of visiting my nephew’s 2nd grade classroom. I was in Florida for a few talks this past weekend, and my sister asked if I would be willing to talk to a class of 7 and 8 year olds. YES, of course!

    I have done this a few times before: speak to a younger group of students, who perhaps aren’t old enough to hear the details of my story, but who are at the budding cusp of their careers as authors. Yes, we are all authors!

    Young authors are just beginning to learn about the writing process. For the most part, they have mastered writing their letters and putting their thoughts down on paper, but just writing does not a published piece make.

    How fun for me to take all my book notes, lists, drafts and versions to my nephew’s classroom to show them all the steps it took to write my book. Not to show them how long the process was, but to encourage them to keep writing and keep working on their pieces for publication.

    The most important thing? The process, not the final product. Enjoying the journey. Collaboration and taking ownership of our work.

    We are all authors because we all have a story to share. And I loved not only sharing my story with the 2nd graders at The Benjamin School, but hearing their stories as well.

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