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Today, my life was as follows:
Make the kids breakfast, pack lunches, take them to school;
Meet with our new head of school to plan for the transition to next year;
Jump on a conference call (8 minutes late) on the way home in preparation for this week’s board meeting;
Catch up on emails…confirm tomorrow’s meeting with a girl who is learning to walk after her own accident;
Reality check.
Four more phone calls to plan a retreat, and next week’s (a different) board meeting;
Get my haircut (but not blown dry…no time!)
Do I need to stop to get something for dinner? No – I’m sure we have something at home: Jamie’s gone- don’t really need to cook;
Home again to catch my mom’s call…someone wants to buy a book: how do I get them a copy?
Need to check in for my flight…need to pack for my trip…
Email from Notre Dame: can I have my speech to them by next week?
Call from school: Edward needs his piano books;
Call from a friend: can you take my son to baseball practice;
Another email from the husband whose wife was just put on Hospice.
She’s no longer able to speak.
She’s 37.
They have two young children.
Dinner doesn’t matter.
Baseball doesn’t matter.
Emails, phone calls and board meetings don’t matter.
Forgotten piano books don’t matter – except they mean I need to return to school to drop them off with my son. My child who I desperately want to hug.
I drive thinking about a mom who will never hug her 8-year-old and 10-year-old. I drive carefully with tears streaming down my face for this woman, this brave, amazing, faith-filled woman who I don’t know well, but whose battle I have followed and whose life I vow to honor.
I am so sad. I am heartbroken for this woman, this mother. I try to process and wonder, what does it mean?
What is life?
On any give day it is emails and phone calls, errands and dinner, work and play. But what is it really? What makes us go and gives us purpose?
Love. Family and Love. Our children, our friends, our loved ones, our passion. Our faith. We can have all of this, and it still can be taken away.
Hug your children, your parents, your loved ones, your friends. And as you hug them, say a prayer of thanksgiving that you can.

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    I have been working on a post about Notre Dame’s graduation. It is almost finished, but what is really on my mind – and has been for the past few days, ok, maybe all season – is the Notre Dame women’s basketball team! They are awesome!

    Tonight they play in the NCAA finals. A return trip to the national championship game. I had the privilege of traveling to Indianapolis last year to watch them play in the championship game, and they were phenomenal to watch. I have also seen them play live twice this year, in addition to numerous times on TV. And I am a big fan – not only of their skills athletically, but of their poise, their competitiveness, their commitment to their team and their love of the game.

    They love to play basketball; you can just tell by the way they play on the court. They are so talented, but they win because they are a team, not just talented individuals.

    I could go on and on… I could also say, they are champions whether they win or lose tonight. And while I do believe that, I know that doesn’t mean much to them. They want to win. But they want to win for Notre Dame and for each other, not for themselves. And that’s why the Fighting Irish beat the odds. Because it’s not about ourselves.

    Good Luck ladies! I’d say, “Make us proud,” but you already have.

    Go Irish!

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