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About a month ago I received an email that said, “You have a new follower on Twitter.” Huh? I didn’t even know I had a Twitter account.

Not only did I discover a Twitter account, I learned I had 28 followers! “Followers?” Are those like Facebook Friends? Can I friend them back? And what’s with the hashtag?

Yes, I am showing my age. Except, I have many, many friends “my age” who tweet (at least I know that is the correct verb to use). So perhaps I am just putting on display my lack of social media awareness.

I joined Facebook five years ago because What Though the Odds was about to be published. I was told it would be a great way to share my story in a way that would reach the “younger generation.” (So clearly whomever told me this also thought I was old.) And it has been. I have connected with readers and those I have met at talks in a casual way that allows them to share a bit of my life.

This past weekend I entered the world of Twitter because I am preparing to take over the presidency of the Notre Dame Monogram Club (a board of former athletes that is housed within the athletic department at Notre Dame), and our goal is to increase our social media presence. Well, that would include me.

So over the weekend during our winter board meeting, I asked a couple of (yes!) younger board members to help me learn how to use Twitter. It is an adjustment and a different way of thinking, communicating and sharing information; but clearly it is a popular one. In just 24 hours I have doubled my followers and am “following” a good number of folks as well.

I will do my best to tweet in a way that allows me to continue to connect with readers, and to share a bit of my life, my work and my family. Blogging, status updates and tweets, oh my!  Follow me @HSDeMaria


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    Honesty. Mistakes. Responsibility. These words and themes have snuck into my life (some in full force) over the past week. There must be a reason…

    When I taught at Xavier College Preparatory (Phoenix, AZ) in the late-1990s, I also served as swim coach and assistant dean of students (you know how teachers wear many hats!) Yesterday I received a Happy New Year letter from the current dean of students at Xavier (and my former colleague) who announced she was retiring after 20 years. Wow – that is a lot of lives she has touched! And I was reminded of one of the greatest lessons she taught the girls: we all make mistakes, but you must be honest about them. Cheating was four hours of Saturday detention; lying about it was an additional four hours. Tell the truth.

    Mistakes are important in our lives, because they are what teach us the greatest lessons. Earlier this week in the car (although I now forget the topic) I said to my son, You’ll learn more from your mistakes than you will from doing everything perfect. “Really??” He was perplexed by this. So I shared an example:

    Remember when mom put regular gas in Dad’s diesel car? I made a mistake. But I can assure you, I will NEVER make that mistake again! I learned, by making a mistake, that a diesel car only takes diesel gas.

    This morning I asked him to let me show him how to sprinkle pepper on his eggs. He did it himself anyway, and coated them with pepper. Oh, I’m sorry mom. I wasted all the pepper. And the eggs tasted horrible. I told him he made a mistake, but he will learn from this mistake that food with pepper dumped on it does not taste good. And chances are he will never do it again.

    Okay, so these are simple examples of making a mistake and learning a lesson. But we have to start somewhere, or our children will grow up to be adults who do not learn from their actions, nor take responsibility for them.

    No one is perfect. We all make mistakes. Learn from them, folks. And be honest about it. To quote “Downton Abbey” (which I recently discovered, and which once again played into this week’s theme of honesty):

    Most people regret lying more often than they regret telling the truth.

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    Happy New Year’s!

    I chuckled as I began this post because my resolution last year was to blog weekly. How did I do? I posted 36 entries in 2012 (does it count that I have 13 half-entries saved in my drafts file?)

    Okay, so 36 out of 52 is not bad. I’ll aim to do better this year. Because, really, that’s all we can expect of ourselves. To try. And to do better.

    I have also already completed one of my resolutions: to go paperless with my calendar. This is HUGE for me, as I am a paper calendar fanatic. Not just in the sense that I like to hold it in my hand, but it’s a yearly ritual for me to create my paper calendar.

    I buy a new set of colored pens. I sit with last year’s calendar and the new year’s calendar and go through them month-by-month. Birthdays in one color; anniversaries in a different color; Notre Dame games in blue; Ravens games in purple; school events in orange, etc… I stay organized all year with my colorful creation of a calendar.

    But last year, I had a meeting request come through on my computer. My calendar was upstairs. I thought I’d remember. I didn’t.
    I made a doctor’s appointment when I was at the office and entered it into my phone. I thought I’d remember to transfer it to my paper calendar. I didn’t. It was time to go paperless.

    I have two other resolutions this year that I will save for another post (this will also help with my resolution to blog weekly): working on the movie project and setting up a non-profit. More on these to come.

    Happy New Year!
    Be Blessed.

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