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Last weekend I received several emails, texts, notes of….not sure what. Notes of friendship. Notes of checking in. Notes of caring. And yet the tragedy that engulfed the Seton Hill University Lacrosse team – and campus – had nothing to do with me. And yet I felt it as though it did. And clearly others knew it would as well.

The bus accident that took the lives of the Women’s Lacrosse coach, her unborn child and the bus driver is a horrible tragedy. There really are no words to explain what or why or how horrible. And yet, I feel it, and I know my teammates, coaches and our families do too. We can’t explain what we feel, but we feel it. We felt it 21 years ago, and we feel it again now.

I have thought about the team, the athletics department and the entire Seton Hill family all week. I don’t even know what my thoughts have been – just like I really don’t even know what to write now. I just feel a sadness, a heavy heart, a knowing that these young athletes are suffering in ways they don’t even yet know.

How do we help them? There are ways – by reaching out, by not forgetting, by letting them heal in their own way on their own time. And by praying for them now and in the months to come. This will not go away quickly for them. It will not end with the end of lacrosse season; it will not end when they go home for summer break; it will not end when their season begins next year. For some, it will never go away. That is part of the tragedy.

We can also help them by knowing that each time they hear of a bus accident, or an accident involving an athletic team, or maybe even an accident that involves the loss of life, that they too will feel it in a way that only those who survived can understand.

God Bless Seton Hill Lacrosse.

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    Last weekend I traveled to Detroit for the third time in the past 12 months. For one reason or another, my talks have taken me to the Motor City and each time I have experienced a new and inspiring group. This last trip, it was a group of Notre Dame alumnae…and ND moms…and ND wives. It was a group of Notre Dame Women – however you are affiliated with the University, if you want to participate, we’ll take you!

    Notre Dame Women Connect (NDWC) was formed within the Alumni Association a few years ago to meet the (non-male) needs of our growing alumnae population. And oh how we have grown! At our Detroit event, we doubled the attendance we anticipated. Over 100 women came out to celebrate 40 years of coeducation at Notre Dame.

    Interestingly enough, although I do not think it was intentional, this celebration of co-education occurred on March 9, one day after “International Women’s Day.” I love this. I have never seen myself as a feminist, but I think this is because I have never felt limited in what I was able to do. When I wanted to play sports, I could play sports; when I wanted to take advanced classes at school, those were offered to me as well. When I wanted to go to Notre Dame, it was a co-educational school.

    It has been 40 years since Notre Dame first opened its doors to women undergraduates, and I am grateful. Those courageous women paved the way for me to live the life I was meant to live, to grow spiritually in ways I couldn’t imagine. They also paved the way for me to be a feminist – in the true definition of the word (look it up) – and I didn’t even know it.

    We are not finished celebrating coeducation at Notre Dame. Detroit was just the beginning of a dozen regional events to commemorate this milestone. Since not all women can return to campus to celebrate, Notre Dame is bringing the celebration to the women. Stay tuned! There is a lot to celebrate!

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