Ahhh, I have been really bad about blogging. I say that every few months (especially when my mom reminds me), and here it is almost six weeks since my last post. But today is my dad’s birthday and he definitely warrants a blog!

70 years ago today (tomorrow?) my dad was born in Phoenix. Yup, Phoenix. Not many people are “from” Arizona, but my dad is a native. I write “tomorrow” with a question mark, because five years ago when he turned 65, he went to obtain a passport with his birth certificate and noticed that it read October 9, 1944, not October 8, 1944. For 65 years he had celebrated his birthday on October 8th (which is also what his drivers license says), but his birth certificate read differently. Crazy, right? What do you do about that? How do you REALLY know when you are born if your birth certificate says one thing, but you’ve lived your life believing something else.

And then there is the big question: does it matter? My dad has been on this earth for 70 years, today or tomorrow, and those years and memories are what make him who he is – and who he is to us – not a date on a piece of paper. Memories that I sorted through last night as I was looking at pictures to post on Facebook.

Social media is a great and funny thing. I love being able to share part of my life and family with the world; it gives all of us a glimpse into each others’ lives. One thing I was keenly aware of as I was thinking about my dad, is how many of my friends have lost their fathers recently. While I am sad to not be with him today, I am grateful that I can call him, text him, talk to him and FaceTime with him. I can see him. I can hear him. I can tell him I love him. I have wonderful memories of my dad, but I am blessed on this day to have so much more than that.

70 used to sound old (so did 40, until I turned 40 last year). But neither 40 or 70 is old. My dad is a young-70 and still very active. Just this year, he’s biked down a volcano, body surfed in the ocean and traveled to Scotland to play over 200 holes of golf.  I can only hope to do that when I am 70!

Happy Birthday, Dad. You. Are. The. Best.