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Like many of you, I have been glued to the TV to watch each gesture and to listen to each word of the Holy Father’s visit to the United States. When I am in the car (which is often), I am tuned in to the Catholic Channel to make sure I don’t miss a moment of his visit. I am enjoying pictures and videos from friends who traveled to DC and NYC to catch a glimpse at the Pope. And I welcome the opportunity to talk to my boys about the significance of his visit.

While addressing Congress, Pope Francis shared a message that resonated with me, “I ask you all please to pray for me and if there among you those who do not believe or who cannot pray, I ask you please to send good wishes my way.”


While some of us are prayerful, comfortable praying, enjoy praying, believe in – and have felt – the power of prayer, there are many who do not or can not. And we pray for them too. But Pope Francis wasn’t going to exclude the “nones” (the non-believers, as I have heard them called on the radio). They too can send him their well-wishes, their blessings and their good thoughts – or “good vibes,” as some people call them. Because God hears them all!

If I pray for Pope Francis’ trip, God listens. If a non-believe sends good wishes to Pope Francis, God listens to that too. Way to go Pope Francis! Way to unite the believers and the non-believers, the Christians and the non-Christians, the Catholics and those who have left the Catholic Church. Because that is what – ultimately – I believe God wants us to do: love one another.

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    I think about my blog everyday. I think about my website and how I need to update it. I think about social media and how – perhaps – I should be more active with Facebook or Twitter (at least when it comes to my book, my story or the movie). There is so much going on, and I often think I have so much to share, but then I never do.

    Why? What barriers are in my way that prevent me from sharing my faith, my journey or just my daily life? Fear? Time? Laziness?

    This is where I find myself on most days. Believe it or not, I am a fairly private person, and just like that a text message comes in about carpool tomorrow and I am diverted from my post…
    And… I am an introvert. I have never been a people-person; I have never been comfortable working the room and making small talk.

    So how do I find myself speaking in front of large and small groups and writing a book that talks about some of my most intimate feelings? That was the topic of a conversation I had this morning with a woman I have never met. And the answer is simple: because I have to. Because I have been given this amazing gift of hope and healing – and all gifts need to be shared. Simple right? But not always easy to do. It’s easier to answer the text message and get stuck in the routines and comfort of everyday life.

    This week, as I go through life with my son at the orthodontist and with both boys on the soccer field, I am going to think carefully about the barriers that are preventing me from fully sharing my gifts with others. Some times being aware and present of our time is a gift in itself.

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