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January 24. Everyone has a date that sticks with them, and January 24th is mine. (Or at least one of them….my kids’ birthdays are up there too.)

Each anniversary brings different emotions: some hard, some sad, some happy, some stronger than others. This year, the anniversary brought snow. Yesterday, a record amount of snow fell in our area.

This is relevant for a couple of reasons:
1) The snow caused our accident, and I will never see snow, or drive in snow, and not think about January 24.
2) All churches are closed today; the city has asked everyone to stay off the road for emergency vehicles and plowers. This will be the first January 24 that I have not attended mass. So if you are going and you read this, say a little prayer for our team. We can all pray at home as well.

As I scrolled through social media this morning, there is a twitter feed called “Today in ND History” that tweets out ND events from years past. A few years ago, they started this twitter feed because of the anniversary of our team’s bus accident. This all plays into what can make this anniversary emotional for me.

A few days ago, I started receiving text messages and emails: Thinking of you; thinking of your team; sending love; 24 years wow!
One of my favorite journal entries is from September 1992: It’s been 8 months since the accident, and I can’t believe how many people still care.

It’s been 24 years since our accident, and I am still moved by how many people still care. Thank you. My emotions are ones of gratitude.

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    Happy New Year! And with a New Year comes New Year’s Resolutions…

    I’ve gone a couple of different paths with resolutions: lofty, so they often don’t last; and realistic, which were resolutions I should have been doing anyway. This year, 17 days into the New Year, I am still trying to figure out what my resolutions should be…

    Eat healthier. Drink more water. Call my parents, siblings and grandmother more often. Blog more. Get more sleep. In general, I need to take better care of myself (as I am just now recovering from being knocked out by bronchitis for two weeks), and I should probably take more time for myself. Again, these aren’t as much resolutions as they are good life-style choices. I stretch myself too thin, say “yes” too often, and “no” not enough.

    I think this year I’ll steal my resolution from my New Year’s countdown. My challenge to myself (and it will be a challenge some days!) is to see the magic in the normal day, and to celebrate it. Every day. I’m sure I won’t do it every day, but I am going to try.

    Here’s to successful resolutions in 2016, and to forgiveness and second chances when we fall short. Cheers!

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