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I have two topics on my mind that I need to blog about: injuries and coaching. Both require longer, more thoughtful blog posts, but for tonight I’ll keep it short.

Injuries are part of sports; if you play long enough, you will at some point get hurt. That is the nature of training and competition. It is also one of our greatest opportunities for personal growth and character development. I have been thinking about this topic lately because of a friend’s son who is injured, so I will return to it soon.

The topic of coaching really struck me today as I watched – in my opinion – one of the poorest examples of coaching (and non-coaching) I have ever seen.
Let me take a step back and comment on how important coaches are to me. Coaches can make or break an athlete’s experience on a team. Coaches have the power to inspire or crush a child’s spirit and determination. Coaches have the opportunity to teach much more about life than they do the actual sport. When I look at where (and for whom) my child will play a sport, you can be darn sure I will pick a good coach over a good team every day of the week. Because eventually the good coaches are going to be the ones coaching the good teams.

The experiences our children have and the lessons they learn from their coaches are going to last far longer than their athletic careers. Winning a 12U game at the expense of our child’s character is not worth it.

I have so much more to stay on this topic, so stay tuned! Because I want to write it in a thoughtful, non-judgmental way. (I’ll need a good coach to show me how to do that!)

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    Today was Blue Angel Day…aka the best day in Annapolis.

    Every year (well, most years) the Blue Angels fly during Commissioning Week at the United States Naval Academy.

    The first year we lived here, I had no idea what the noise was; now, it’s one of my favorite sounds. Yes, they are amazing – flying at who-knows-what-speed, in formations that at times have them only 18 inches apart. EIGHTEEN INCHES. That’s amazing.

    But that’s not entirely why I love the sound and love watching them. For the past 12 years, Blue Angel Day has been one of family and friendships – of celebrating our midshipmen’s commissioning (military version of graduation) – and of embracing a community that has become our home. I have always considered myself an Arizona girl, and there is a part of me that always will be. But I am also an Annapolitan…and always will be. We’ve built our family foundation here, our community, and on Blue Angel Day all that comes together as closely as the six F/A-18 Hornets that fly above the Severn River.

    If you haven’t see the Blue Angels fly, add it to your bucket list.

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    It’s amazing to me how infrequent I blog, compared to how often I think about blogging. Truly, almost every day I am reminded of something I should write about. And yet, clearly I don’t.

    I think one of the reasons I have been so sporadic is because I haven’t quite figured out a clear mission of what this blog should be. Is it a blog just about my story, my talks/presentations, the movie or my book? Meaning: do I keep it professional?
    Is it a blog about Notre Dame? My faith? Is this a place to chronicle my medical journey?
    And then I think: so much of my day-to-day life is being a mom…but this isn’t a parenting blog, so those stories never make it to the site (as funny as they are).

    So what is it? What should I talk about here? I’m never quite sure – as evidence by the fact that I haven’t blogged since Easter.

    But then I just received an email from a women who recently read my book. Her comment was one I hear often: “I know we haven’t met, but I feel like I know you!” And my response is usually the same: “You do.”
    To read my book is to get to know me; because it’s a very personal story, written in a very personal, real, and intimate way. And that’s what makes it good…it’s real. It’s a true story. It’s not sugar-coated. It’s honest.

    So I have decided that is what my blog should be: True. Honest. Not sugar-coated. Intimate and real. Just like my book; just like my story. And whatever journey I am on at the moment: book, movie, parenting, presenting, praying; that’s what I’ll write about. I think what I have discovered is that blogs don’t always need topics or themes, they just need to be real.

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