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WOW- 50 YEARS!!!

Today is my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary. I knew it was coming, but it’s been amazing to think about all day long: 50 years! Married to one person! Loving, living, laughing and figuring out how to stay married for 50 years. It’s really quite an accomplishment.

My parents’ marriage, like most people who have been married for 50 years, has changed, had its challenges (I, being one of them…for many reasons), and has not always gone the way they planned it would. It’s been filled with the highest highs and the lowest lows. And yet here they are, 50 years after two young kids (my mom was 19, my dad was 21) said, “I do,” still loving and laughing and knowing that life is good.

I woke up this morning and started thinking about my Facebook post: what would I write, what picture could I post, how do you celebrate 50 years appropriately on social media? When I opened Facebook on my phone (still in bed) the first photo I saw was of my parents, walking down the aisle, with the words: “50 years ago today. I am one very lucky guy! Happy Anniversary to the Love of my life.” Despite the early hour in Arizona, my dad beat me to the post (nice job, Dad! I’ll take a little credit for showing you how to use Facebook in the first place!) ┬áMy dad is a man of few words, but what he says, he means. And when he means it, he’ll let you know. He loves my mom.

I used to always tell my dad that I wanted to marry someone just like him. And he used to respond, “No, marry someone better.” I’m not sure I married someone better or worse (although, I did marry FOR better or worse), and I definitely didnt marry someone just like my dad (my husband is a man of MANY words). But my parents set an example of marriage and love that I wanted for myself: a marriage centered around family, a marriage that becomes stronger when challenged, a marriage that fights to stay together, a marriage filled with laughter, and above all a marriage filled with love. I have that. And I wanted it, because I lived with that example.

What I have found most amazing about today, is reflecting on all that is, and all that has been, because of my parents’ 50 years of marriage. All the kids, all the grandchildren, all the joy, all the fun, all the tears, all the challenges. All the love. When I think of the family my parents have created, it all comes down to love. Family and Love. And little else matters. What do we have if we don’t have that? Thankfully – because of my parents – I’ll never know.

Happy Anniversary to two amazing people! And the absolutely best parents.


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    In June, my oldest son graduated from 8th grade. He was so ready to graduate, and is so ready for high school. But he is leaving the only school he’s known; a school he’s attended since he was three years old. (Thank goodness for his younger brother, because I am not ready to “leave” this school.)

    St. Anne’s School of Annapolis has done an amazing job raising my children. Yes, my husband and I have raised them too. But with our travel and – in general – the amount of time they spend at school each day, the teachers at St. Anne’s have played an equal role in the development of my boys. The teachers and administrators have loved them, guided them, challenged them, and educated them in everything from math to leadership to their faith. There were bumps in the road, phone calls from teachers and in-person meetings, but the end result is a beautiful process. My son graduated confident in himself as a learner and ready to tackle a new – and much bigger – school.

    As with all graduations and life milestones, I thought I would be an emotional wreck. In reality, I was all smiles when he processed in and walked across the stage. Maybe this was because he was so excited to graduate; maybe it was because I was ready to have him home for the summer; maybe it was because I am so proud of him. It was probably all three.

    As high school draws near (just two more weeks, although many other schools have started already), I am even more grateful for the foundation of academics and confidence my son has. This is a new endeavor, a new adventure, an unknown and it’s a little bit scary. Maybe not for him, but for me. Yet deep in my heart I know he is prepared and ready. And he will be attending a school that will continue to love, guide, challenge and educate him both in and out of the classroom.

    These are the small milestones that lead to the bigger changes in life…slowly letting them go, baby steps at a time.

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