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Last week was Thanksgiving. Giving Thanks. Over the past month I have seen many “28 days of gratitude” or other social media posts about thankfulness. I too thought about posting everything for which I am thankful, but the month got away from me (no excuse except for being too busy, or too lazy). This makes me no less thankful; just less vocal about it. On one day, I wanted to post, “I’m thankful too! I just haven’t told you about it.”

In a way, this reminded me of my favorite Gospel, the one read on Ash Wednesday each year from Matthew 6:1-6 “…do not let your left hand know what your right hand it doing…” ┬áThis Gospel is a yearly reminder to me that we are called to be charitable, but not in a public way; not in a way that draws praise or attention.

And yet, charity, acts of service, goodwill and – yes, gratitude – can be contagious and inspiring. Social media can be intimidating; it can be cause for comparison, leaving some of us feeling better about our lives and some of us feeling worse. My hope for everyone’s Thanksgiving posts are that they inspire us all to be grateful.

As the month of Thanksgiving closes and we move away from our “28 days of gratitude” (even though there are 30 days in November, and Thanksgiving was on the 24th…) keep posting and sharing the ways in which you are thankful and giving. Live the gratitude we all feel. It might just inspire someone (like me).

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  • NOTRE DAME – NAVY 1991

    It’s Notre Dame vs Navy week!

    25 years ago, it was Parents’ Weekend at Notre Dame (back when ND had parents’ weekend). I was a freshman and my mom came to visit. For those of you who were on campus that weekend, I’m sure you remember the weekend.

    First of all, my mom’s flight was late. But in 1991, you don’t know this by tracking her flight online or on your phone; you know her flight is late because your mom shows up hours later to your dorm, and you just wait for her.

    Second, a storm blew in (hense, the delayed flight; and big surprise: it was November in South Bend!) The storm caused the power to go out on campus, including the lights on the Dome. (Rumor had it a squirrel chewed through the power lines.) And lastly, what we all remember most: it was -4 degrees at kick-off. That was without wind chill. (I remember being at the Notre Dame vs. Northwestern football game in 2014 and hearing the announcers say something to the effect of, “It hasn’t been this cold at Notre Dame Stadium┬ásince 1991.” I wanted to raise my hand and say, “I was at that game!”) But at least in 2014 I was prepared for the weather; in 1991, this Arizona girl wore cotton socks and the “warmest” jacket I owned to the game.

    Notre Dame vs Navy 1991. Who knew that game, frozen in my memory (pun intended), would begin a lifetime of meaning for me and the Blue & Gold. Notre Dame won that contest (out of respect for the Midshipmen, I won’t mention the score, but Rick Mirer set (at the time) a school record for touchdown passes thrown). 25 years later, as I sit and type from my home in Annapolis, I look forward to watching the game on Saturday with “my” Midshipmen, the Mids we sponsor.


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