New Year. New Resolutions.

But a New Year is also a time to look back and reflect on the year past. Usually our New Year’s resolutions are based on a failure of something we didn’t do (or did too much of) from the prior year: eat less, be healthier, sleep more, etc… So before we can look forward, we have to look back.

2016 saw some changes in our family. My oldest started high school, so for the first time my boys are at different schools (in different directions, meaning more time in the car). I was concerned about the schedule, the driving and the logistics of having boys in schools 30 miles away from each other. What I discovered was the joy of spending time in the car with just one child. For 9 years they have gone to school together; meaning for nine years (with the exception of a few days) I was driving them in the car together.

The surprise of the fall, was alone time with each child. They talked more. They shared more. As strange as it sounds, we grew closer as they grow away from us.

I realized this past year how little time I have left with my children living at home. For James, it’s 3 1/2 years; for Edward: 5 1/2. That’s not that long. Those years will go quickly.

One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to slow down and enjoy time with my teenagers. Laundry can wait until they go to bed; I can workout while they are in school. I will have to travel and that will be time away, but when I am here, I want to be present.

Like right now: James just wished me good night. I need to go tuck him in…while I can.