Several years ago – 8 1/2 to be exact – I was invited to speak at a middle school in Indiana. I was invited by an awesome teacher who had her students read my book and – on a chance – thought I might be willing to speak to her classes.

I said yes. But I was terrified. It was the first time after my book was published that I was invited to speak. My guess is I wasn’t very good that morning; I remember shaking, sweating and being very nervous (a fairly normal reaction to presenting in front of a group). Perhaps it was just neat for the students to meet an author of a book they had read, because I’m pretty sure my presentation was not dynamic or too inspiring!

Fast forward to this morning, and this same teacher invited me to speak to her students again. This is the 5th time I have visited her classroom and it is always one of my favorite events.

Thankfully, I was not nervous this time (I am also thankful that it’s only 45 degrees in Indiana and not 4 degrees and snowy! It is January after all.)

The middle school students at Covenant Christian School are always very polite. They greet me by name at the door and walk me through the school to Mrs. Sill’s classroom. During my presentation, they are clearly paying attention and taking notes. And afterwards they stand up, introduce themselves and ask the best questions! Questions are always my favorite part of a talk; I love answering what they ask, what piqued their interest and what they want to know more about. I love answering “new” questions; ones I haven’t been asked before. There is always one of these at each event; in this classroom there are always many. And today was no different.

Same awesome teacher. New students, but still an awesome audience. And new awesome questions.
I hope the presenter was half as awesome. At least I wasn’t shaking and sweating!