I wasn’t sure what I was going to write about today. We prayed about HUMILITY before our walk began; I listened to the HUMILITY soundtrack for inspiration; and I reflected on each of the signs posted along the Trail.IMG_1353

I was also sent a few definitions of HUMILITY: “to be humble, a lack of ego,” and realized that all of us on the Trail are experiencing humility just by nature of the blisters, being last up the hill, or having to skip dinner because we are too tired at 7pm. There is no ego on the Trail.

Then I went to mass tonight at beautiful Wabash College, and was inspired by the words of our celebrant, Fr. Steve Newton, “Humility is being true to yourself; being who God created you to be.”  These words spoke to me because I often pray that I am doing the work God intended me to do. So in a way, I am praying for humility.

Fr. Steve has his own remarkable story of miraculous healing. Today I walked in Thanksgiving for those who have been healed and those who are in need of God’s healing.