Today’s theme was JOY. Our fellow traveler, Fr. Dave, said mass for us today in the historic log chapel at the site of the Battle of Tippecanoe. In his homily, he described the difference between happiness and joy. Happiness comes from things and events; Joy comes from within.

I pondered this thought for much of the day. I often talk about how happiness is a choice; how we can choose each day to focus on the positive or chose to focus on the negative. But is this choice of happiness the same as joyfulness? I’m not sure. Thankfully I have a few more miles to think about it.

On the Trail with us, we have many examples of this joy; those who radiate joy from within. It’s inspiring and infectious, and I’m pretty sure I don‘t fall into this category (and I’m okay with that right now).

Joy from within comes from knowing we are living the life we are meant to live; that we are content with ourselves and who we are. By this definition, I am almost joyful. I am hopefully joyful. I am striving for JOY.