Today’s theme was Love, which is appropriate for so many reasons.

For one, I LOVE being on the ND Trail. I miss my husband and children, my greatest loves, but I also could stay on the ND Trail with my core pilgrims – who I have grown to love – for many more days. So rarely do I take time to do something just for myself; and the ND Trail started out as just that: something for myself. But I also believe that those I love will be better off when I return. I will be a better wife, mother, daughter, friend.

Tomorrow we welcome 100 more pilgrims to the ND Trail. They will walk the last 5 days and 70 miles with us. And just as our love multiplies when we have multiple children, so too will our love for these new pilgrims grow.

Ultimately, this is what life is all about: Love. Love for one another. Love for God. Love of love.

Right now my closest love is my pillow. I am exhausted!

16 miles tomorrow in the rain.