Today’s theme celebrates the first of 5 pillars of the Congregation of Holy Cross. Those might not be the correct terms, but honestly- I’m too tired to be concerned about that. And I’m sure the CSC Brothers, Priests and Sisters will understand.

Today’s theme is MIND. As educators, it is important to educate the MIND and the heart. For the MIND is directed by the heart.

I am blessed to have had amazing teachers in my life, as a student, as a colleague, and as a parent. I grew up the daughter of an educator, and learned a great deal from my mom, especially to respect and appreciate the teachers.

Today I walked (in the rain) for all the teachers who educate the MIND and the heart,  especially those at Notre Dame, Mount Saint Joseph, St. Anne’s School of Annapolis, Xavier College Preparatory, Madison #1, and Phoenix Country Day School. Thank you for guiding me, and my children, on this crazy adventure of life!