What a week this has been. It’s the end of January, which is always complicated – and this week just added to the roller coaster of emotions.

First, my oldest son turned 16. For any parent, these milestone birthdays are a wonderful celebration of learning to let go. It’s bittersweet. I am excited for the adventure of having another driver in the house, but that also comes with new stresses. And it’s a reminder that he is one more year – day – closer to leaving home. Thankfully, I have two and a half more years to prepare for that. But “that” is coming.

Also on his 16th birthday, I was in a car accident. NOTE: I am fine. Truly fine. And my car will be fine (much better than the car that hit me). But it was an ironic twist of life to be in a car accident on my son’s 16th birthday…which of course is the day before “the” accident anniversary. Roller coaster of emotions? You bet.

But it was also a wonderful reminder of love in the world. I was rear-ended on the main road to my son’s school, which means many, many parents passed by and called, texted, and stopped to see if I was okay. Even moms from other schools checked in, and with offers to help out. No better time to feel the love than when you are in a car accident during the Happy Hour of carpooling.

The next day was filled with love as well. It’s a tough day. But if there was ever an example of the positive side of social media, for me -it’s January 24th. The internet was filled with love that day; messages, photos, hearts, shamrocks and hugs were viewed and sent across the miles. Our team, which is so spread out geographically, was connected in a very real way on that day. I loved it.

This week was just a regular week for many. For me it was a reminder of all the love in the world. The love of friends, the love of teammates, the love for a child, the love for a parent (it was my mom’s birthday too! Happy Birthday Mom!), the love of gratitude and blessings. Or as Tim would say, this week was filled, quite simply, with Love for One Another.