For the past two days we have been acclimating to the higher altitude of Tanzania. Especially for I, who lives at sea level, it has been nice to slowly adjust to the higher altitude. We have done a couple of day hikes, visited Fr. David’s home (a fellow ND Trail Pilgrim), and shared our hopes and fears for the climb that begins today.

We are at around 7000 feet in Maua and will drive to Machame Gate to begin our climb. We will end our hike at Machame Camp at 9300 feet.

Today I begin my climb praying for Peace. Peace on the mountain. Peace in the world and Peace in our hearts.

This stone was given to me by a friend (who has a friend) who hopes to place one million peace rocks around the world. I have two; one for the summit and one for the safari. (Although I’m not sure how much peace the animals encounter in the wild…)

Today, let’s pray for PEACE.