Today we climb from Shira Camp to Barranco Camp at almost 13,ooo feet (12,959 feet to be exact). Along the way, we will pass the lava tower (called “Shark’s Tooth”) and arrow glacier.

Today’s stone is in honor of Sully, an almost-ten-year-old boy who has been fighting stage IV neuroblastoma for half his life. He has relapsed twice. No child with his stage of disease has survived one relapse. And yet, just last month he had his port removed.

There aren’t enough words to express what a superhero Sully is, and his parents, and his two brothers. They are a super hero family that I am privileged to know. When I gave Sully a stone, I told him: If you can move mountains, I can climb one. And I asked him to decorate it. In true Sully fashion, he was thinking of others. His stone is a combination of two forces in his life: the fight (he is WINNING) against Childhood Cancer, and the United States Naval Academy, where he is a hero among heroes as an honorary member of some of their sports teams. I know Sully’s stone is also a tribute to his forever friends in heaven.

Sully, I am taking you to the top of the mountain! And when it gets hard and I am tired and cold, I will continue because your spirit is with me.