Today I climb for my boys. All three of them. People often tell me that I have three children (Jamie, James and Edward). Ha ha. And sometimes I feel like I do. (Actually, I have five children – two furry ones.)

Not only do I have stones from each of my boys, but I have other gifts too. For Christmas, James gave me a medal of St. Bernard of Montjoux, the patron saint of hikers. I wore it through my last two weeks of training and I am wearing it up the mountain. Edward also gave me a meaningful gift: a special t-shirt with a message that has meaning to the two of us. I wore it on the plane and will wear it when I summit. So both boys will – literally – be close to my heart on the climb.

“Tonight” we are at 15,200 feet. We will go to bed at 5pm, wake up at midnight, and hike until 7am – in the dark (and cold) – to the summit at sunrise. If you find yourself saying a prayer today, send one to St. Bernard of Montjoux for us! And if you aren’t one to pray, just turn southeast towards Tanzania and send us your warm wishes. Because it’s gonna be cold!

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