Today is summit day. We were up at midnight (after going to sleep – or trying to – at 5pm yesterday) to climb seven hours in the dark to summit at sunrise. Today we climb to 19,340 feet.

Today, as I have every day since January 24, 1992, I honor my teammates: the Notre Dame Swimming and Diving team of 1991-92, and in particular, Colleen Hipp and Meghan Beeler. Today is dark, cold and hard. I am tired, I have a headache and my body aches to match. But I will carryon and persevere with the help of my teammates.

At the site of our accident so many years ago (27 years this month), there was a sign woven into the nearby chainlink fence. It read: God Bless ND Swim. Today, this rock will be placed at the highest point in Africa to honor my team and my teammates.

God Bless ND Swim.