Last week I attended the 12th Annual X Breakfast at my high school alma mater, Xavier College Preparatory. What an amazing event!

It doesn’t take much to get me back to Arizona, so when Xavier’s Director of Advancement called to invite me, I immediately said YES.

Coupled with her kind invitation was the news that all Xavier students would be reading my book over the summer. Each year, Xavier has an all-school shared read, with an all-school discussion to follow. This past summer it was What Though the Odds. Amazing!

Even more amazing was an email I received the night before the X Breakfast. A friend who teaches senior English at Xavier shared with me four padlet links. Padlet? I had no idea what that was (I clearly have been out of the classroom for a long time). But these padlet links were, ARE, incredible! Each one was filled with quotes, photographs, and video clips that answered questions based on my book. I was blown away.

First of all, they READ my book. Not only did they read it, but they GOT it. They highlighted and acted out meaningful quotes; and their interpretation of events and themes were so creatively shared through this visual platform. I saw my story through their eyes and their emotions, and I was moved to emotion myself.

And what made me smile the most was they knew Meghan and Colleen. Many of the posts mentioned their names. It was the first time in almost 28 years, and in 11 years since my book was published, that I was fully aware and present in knowing that sharing my story has resulted in my teammates being remembered and honored. It is the one thing I have striven to do, and there it was: their memory shared through the thoughtfulness and creativity of these amazing students.

Thank you Xavier Girls!